Environment Minister Announces Wren Oil a Finalist in State 2000 3R Recycling Awards

October 19, 2000 in News

Picton company Wren Oil has been chosen as a finalist in two categories of the State 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) 2000 Awards.

The State 3R 2000 Awards, presented by the State Recycling Advisory Committee and co-ordinated by the Department of Environmental Protection, recognise outstanding achievements by individuals and organisations that reduce the amount of waste that would be destined for landfill.

Wren Oil was named a finalist in the industries and small business categories. The Western Australian family-owned company collects used oil from industry and mining projects around the State and recycles it at the Picton refinery.

Established in 1981 by three family members, Wren Oil has grown to become a State leader in recycling technology and now has 22 full-time employees.

The company collects and recycles about 12 million litres of waste sump oil each year – 40 per cent of Western Australia’s total.

It also collects oil filters, radiator coolants and associated waste products that used to be destined for landfill sites. All the recycled oil produced by distillation can be reused for energy or lubricating purposes.

Environment Minister Cheryl Edwardes said the quality of this year’s 33 finalists was a good sign that reducing waste was an increasingly high priority for Western Australian businesses and the general community.

“This is the sixth year we have held these special awards to recognise companies that help the environment by cutting back and recycling waste material and this year’s field of finalists is the strongest yet,” Mrs Edwardes said.

“The awards attract sponsorship by organisations with strong environmental credentials, including the Publishers National Environment Bureau, the Beverage Industry Environment Council and Waste Stream Management.

“Also, Cleanaway, Alcoa World Alumina Australia, VISY Recycling and Millennium Inorganic Chemicals have lent their reputations as environmental leaders to the awards.

“These awards recognise finalists as leaders in environmental protection through waste minimisation.”

Winners in each category of the State 3R 2000 Awards will be announced at a presentation dinner on Saturday, November 11.

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