Wren Oil Recognised as Best Small Business

October 19, 2002 in News

Renowned Western Australian oil recycling company Wren Oil, has once again been recognised for its environmental standards and business prowess, at the recent South West Small Business Awards.

Specializing in the processing of over 12 million litres of waste oil per year from all over the state, this recent award is just one of many, which Wren Oil has accrued over the past two years, including the State Recycling Awards in 2000.

Working within the oil recycling field for over 20 years, the company is the only one in WA which actually re-refines oil, which then permits waste oil to be returned to the market place as an economical fuel for energy production, chainsaw oil, hydraulic oil and other automotive products.

Furthermore, the company boasts a complete waste recycling service for associated workshop wastes.

Wren Oil Winner of the State 2000 3R Award

Fred Wren, Director of Wren Oil indicated that the award recognised the company’s commitment to preserving Western Australia’s environment and natural resources. “It is Wren Oil’s aim to increase our recycling capacity to over 20 million litres per annum and we encourage any business that handles waste oil to utilise our environmentally sound service. “It is a known fact that one litre of oil can contaminate over 1 million litres of drinking water and as such it is essential that companies dealing with waste oil, process it correctly.” Wren Oil employs five trucks throughout the state and offers a free waste oil collection service to farmers, councils, automotive outlets, petrol stations, mining companies and similar industries.

For more information about Wren Oil’s services contact Alex Wren on freecall 1800 654 002.

Wren Oil won both the 2001 Small Business environmental award and the overall category award for small businesses with less than 50 employees and will now be forwarded as a shortlist candidate for the Telstra State Small Business Awards.

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