Recycling Services

With a strong customer focus, Wren Oil can offer any organisation a complete oil collection service. All the services detailed below are provided at competitive prices. Western Australia has the largest used oil catchment area in Australia and road train trucks are sent as far North as Kununurra in the Kimberly and as far South-east as Esperance which marks the edge of the Great Australian Bight, and to the Goldfields to the East. Let Wren Oil provide your organisation with an ENVIRONMENTAL and financially beneficial service – contact our office today on 1800 654 002 Wren Oil can provide your organisation with the following recycling and waste management services:

Used oil

Wren Oil provides a professional and reliable used oil collection service by professionally trained drivers. Our collection tankers are purpose built and licensed to meet DEC Controlled Waste Regulations requirements. As Wren Oil views used oil as a resource, each collection is carefully monitored by our trained drivers to ensure that any oil received does not compromise the quality of the re-refined oil produced.

Oil filters

Drums are supplied for automotive workshops and specially designed 2.6 cubic metre oil filter bins are supplied for the mining industry for the collection of oil filters.

Radiator coolants

Drums or collection tanks are tailor made to meet each organisation’s needs. The coolants can be distilled to remove the recyclable glycol and the water is treated before disposal.

Oily rags

Drums or specially designed bulk bins are provided to our customers for the collection and disposal of oily rags.

Oil interceptor waste

This prompt and economical service is provided to ensure that our customer’s oil trap tanks are emptied in accordance with DEC requirements.

The oil is separated for re-refining and the oily water and sludge’s are disposed of according to environmental regulations.