Wren Oil: 2014 - The year it was

Well another year draws to a close and what a busy year it has been. We have seen our Port Facility being utilized more than ever as domestic markets shrink and global appetites for product remain steady and unchanged.

We have commissioned most of the tanks from the Tank Farm and Bunding extension project we started executing early this year.

We have laid large area of pavement in front of our new office complex.

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Our Base Oil plant arrived through September. We started positioning the skids and erecting through October. The external structure is well underway and was completely fabricated, painted and blasted in house. Another milestone achievement for a Family owned and run Company. We have developed and mentored our staff to provide excellent project pathway management.

We have started the engineering verification process in the pre commissioning activities, as well as starting the engineering verification process for our plant throughput upgrade we will be commencing on in the latter parts of 2015.

We expect Base Oil plant commissioning to be completed in the 1st half 2015, and finally achieve the Wren Family goal of end to end recycling. Production of Base Oil from used engine oils to be able to sell back into the lubricant blending markets and returned back into products for going into engines.

Wren Oil wishes all our clients and their staff a very happy Christmas and New Year period.

Be safe to all.